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We demystify the complexities of Cloud-Native, DevOps, and Platform Engineering. Guided by our expertise, we'll help you make crucial decisions about retiring, migrating, refactoring, or rearchitecting your applications to meet your unique business objectives. Your future in cloud computing teems with endless possibilities and unprecedented opportunities - let's seize them together and revolutionize your digital landscape.

As an eminent authority in DevOps, we are committed to facilitating your seamless transition to and integration with the cloud environment, leveraging it to its maximum potential. Harnessing sophisticated technology platforms, such as CI/CD pipelines, microservice architectures, and advanced DevOps practices, we provide the critical stepping stones towards digital transformation.

Our services target the public cloud hyper-scale arena, offering solutions that revolutionize the way you develop software and manage your infrastructure. We specialize in enabling expedited development cycles, with significant reductions in risk and operational costs for your applications. We're experts in creating efficient short-cycle software development platforms, the quintessence of every lean organization's aspirations.

Our primary objective is to empower your development teams, ensuring they excel in creating high-quality applications rapidly, without any compromise on the quality. We endeavor to harness the simplicity and reusability of the public cloud to your advantage, fostering a cultural shift that capitalizes on the most extensive technology investments made by leading tech companies globally.

We offer pragmatic strategies to avoid duplicating legacy systems in the new digital environment, ensuring that your organization truly benefits from the technological advancements that cloud and DevOps solutions provide. At the heart of our mission is the belief in not just adopting the new, but also in leveraging it in ways that add the most value to your business.



Software development has to efficiently iterate.

After charting out business capabilities, API first design is necessary to stabilize your business. API should be driven by standardizations that enable coherence towards API consumers. Linux containers built from .Net Core, Go or Java and others can be blocks of your hyper-scalable microservice architecture.

Automation in building, testing, deploying, monitoring and alerting are essential steps in DevOps. Without this approach, it is not possible to achieve desired short cycle and still offer the quality your customers expect.


Cloud Platform

IaC & IaaS & PaaS = SaaS

Leading compute and persistence platforms are producing significant costs in hardware and manpower. Cloud providers such as Azure, GCP and AWS offer you to template your infrastructure and operate it for you.

Once you can accept eventual consistency by adhering to cloud development rules, your path is open to kubernetes, serverless, API gateways, service meshes and asynchronous event communication. All technologies above are essential if you want to offer your clients solid API to enable business capabilities to your customers.

Offer your customers software in a SaaS business model in a way that you can iterate in short cycles and scale to many customers.


We are here for you!

Do you target the cloud to accelerate time to market, maximize cost savings and realize your growth ambitions? Are your teams too busy with your current daily business, that there is no time to innovate? Do you need project-specific support?

DevOps Platform

From defining standards, through building services and libraries, to automated integration testing and deployment - right up to production. We do automation with Ansible, Helm, Azure ARM, Bicep, Terraform, classic shell scripting, Robot Framework, Cypress and more! Pipelines in Azure DevOps, GitHub or GitLab.

Cloud Engineering

Architecting, building and maintaining cloud infrastructure with IaC on top of IaaS and PaaS of public cloud providers. We architect and engineer Azure, GCP and AWS. We code infrastructure for CDN, API gateways, serveless, kubernetes, persistence-layers, messaging and streaming.

Migrate to Cloud

Do you find your infrastructure hard to manage and expensive to scale as your business grows? You need IaaS, PaaS as hyper-scalable computing and persistence layers in public clouds. We also help you build private clouds with platforms such as VMWare Tanzu if your business requires you to do so.

Hyper Scalable Development

Do you need to scale elastically your software with a positive impact on operational costs? Do you need to innovate and iterate without large investments in advance? We provide you with Go, Java and .Net Core micro or monolith architected platforms.

API First

Build your software with a modern API-first architecture approach. Do you need that M2M connectivity comes naturally for your services? However, you don't want to lose control over service quality, reliability and scalability.


Do you want to ride the trend of large tech companies offering SaaS like Microsoft Office 365 or Google Workspaces? Do you see the need to offer your software to your customers in similar cost-efficient and modern globally distributed manner? Look no further, we know the way.

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